On Equality

February 12, 2021 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

I had this thought this morning - a very interesting perspective on how the world works today.

So I was thinking, that if men and women are equal, why do they use different restrooms? Why can't they all use the same restroom?

And then if men and women are equal, why can't they dress the same way? There should be something like a unidress code where both men and women can wear thongs without any judgemental criticism.

A particularly interesting one, is that if men and women are equal, why don't they share the same prison? Why are men put in a men's facility and women in a women's? Put them together. Let them share the showers and cells and everything else. 'Cause equality, right?

If all schools had a common washroom for both boys and girls, how would that work out?

Why are men and women's sports teams different? Put 'em together. Let the men and the women play together.

Another thought on equality - and this could be controversial - why are there special olympics? Why do they have special olympics for people with special needs? Why not treat them equally as regular people and put them in regular olympics? And I know this last one sounds kinda sketchy but I think that if we're all equal, then there shouldn't be any "special" categories. If you say someone has special needs then that implies that others don't have special needs. How would you know? Have you asked 'em if they have any special needs or if they feel a lil more special than the others? So let them bundle everyone together - normal people, regular folks, low-IQ'd folks, blind folks, deaf people, crazy people - put 'em all together and treat them the same way.

Is it possible? It's a question that I'm asking here. I don't have all the answers. But I do have some questions. Some good questions, and some bad ones.

I'm all for equality but I feel that there's a lot of things that people don't think about. For example, there are some things that I as a man, can't do, that women can. There are things that women can do for men, that I can't do for men. So how am I equal to them? If a woman can cook, and I can't cook, how am I equal to her?

Perhaps the perception of equality begins wih the fact that we are all human beings and ends with the fact that we are all different. And if we are all different, how can we compare ourselves to one another? It's like comparing apples to bananas. They're both fruits, but they're not the same.

I'd like to hear what your thoughts are, on equality. Send me an email or something. Maybe there's a different, clearer perspective on these issues; ones that would further prove that you, and I, are not equal. There's another question for you! If we are all equal, why don't we think the same way? If you can solve a Calculus problem, and I cannot, doesn't that mean that you're better than me? So how are we equal?

If you're the President of America, and I, well, am not the President of any place, then are we really equal? If one apple weighs 100g, and another weighs 200g, are they equal? If one apple weighs 100g, and one banana weighs 100g, are they equal?

What are the principles of equality? What qualifies things as equal or distinguishes them as unequal? What are we working with here?

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Arranged Indian Marriages: Prophecies Fulfilled

February 07, 2021 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

This post is going to be a follow-up on the arranged marriage series. I'm just going to list all the events that occurred after the wedding.

So the bride and the groom set off to live happily ever after. Sike!

The groom lives with his parents. One day after they'd gone, the bride called her father to complain about the constant fights and arguments in her new home. Her father-in-law was a jackass. Her mother-in-law was a manipulative bitch. Her brother-in-law was an asshole. And, as it turns out, everyone in hew new family, including her husband, was the scum of the earth. Surprise!

Then she found a pack of cigarettes among the groom's wedding presents. Since he allegedly didn't smoke, why would anyone gift him cigarettes? So it turns out that he did, in fact, smoke, and do drugs, and hang out with a bunch of druggies. What's new?

The bride's parents rushed to the groom's house and confronted everyone. Aaaaand nothing was resolved. More lies and more bullshit because that's how Indians are.

Then the in-laws left home after another fight and went off to see their relatives for a few days. When they returned, the fights and arguments went on, and the bride's parents once again rushed to the scene.

The groom's parents disowned his ass. They alleged that he wasn't their son and they must've picked the wrong child at the hospital. They dissed the hell out of him. Then they told him to GTFO.

After several meetings and no solutions, finally the bride went back to her father's home. The groom wanted to move into her father's home as well. And he made several attempts to do so too.

A few weeks later, the groom went to see the bride's father and take her home. The bride's father refused. As it turns out, the groom was a lazy, good-for-nothing junkie who slept late and didn't work. His father ran the shop and kept all the money. The groom ran errands and buggered around like a lil shit. The bride's father had demanded that the groom get his life straight, get a job and be a man. The groom wanted to continue doing illegal shit and bribing cops for a living. He also defended his scumbag parents and wanted to continue living with them, claiming that without him, they wouldn't be able to survive. Then he fucked off.

The bride's father called the middleman and informed him of the situation. He then asked him to arrange a meeting and sort things out. The meeting didn't occur and nothing was heard from the scumbag middleman. He'd hooked up two incompatible families with different values and then fucked off.

Aaaaand that's the brief summary of the events.

Where do I stand in all of this? Nowhere. The moment the couple got married, I bounced. Because this marriage had occurred against my repeated warnings. I knew the groom and his entire family were scumbags. I knew the middleman was a scumbag. And I'd warned everybody - the bride and her dumbass parents. Nobody paid attention to my concerns and it looked like I was a hater. Was I a hater? I ain't no hater! I've just got an accurate radar for scumbags, and like always, I was right all along.

Here's the moral of the story: Indian parents are stupid. Their culture and traditions are also stupid. And if you follow them, your life will be ruined.

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I Live In A ShitHole Country

January 15, 2021 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

Disclaimer: The following article is opinionated to the max. This is an all out rant and I'm just gonna lay it out like it is.

A few people have been curious about where I'm from. In the words of the banned President, I live in a shithole country, okay? Now I don't think shithole country is Trump's trademark so I don't want any fuss about it.

I live in a shithole country and I hate this fucking place. The government is corrupt, politicians are stupid and corrupt, and the people are ethically and morally corrupt.

I hate these fucking people. I can't stand them any more.

Y'know some 20 years ago, this country wasn't so fucked up. I'd have been thrilled to come here and stay for a while. But a lot of things can change in a span of 4 years, let alone 2 decades.

Look at America right now. It doesn't seem so long ago, that Barack Bozo Obama was president. And even though people called him bozo for kicks, I think he was the best President ever! And I don't think we'll see another cool president for maybe another 50 years or so.

America is a shithole country. It wasn't so long ago, when I envied the Americans. Look at America now. I mean, look at it! Unless you're a millionaire living in a penthouse in upstate New York, America doesn't look so appealing.

I was browsing Raddle yesterday and I saw this article about the government in Uganda banning all social networks because there's an election happening right now. Then I saw another article and apparently they just shut down the internet. Can you believe this shit?

The last time I read about something similar happening, it was Egypt, and Egypt is a big fucking shithole country. I mean, they've put journalists in prison for reporting the truth.

The entire African continent is just one massive shithole. And I know there's a lot of nationalists and tourists who'll snap after reading this statement. I was born in Africa, okay? I grew up and watched a number of countries turning into piles of shit. The governments are absolutely the worst! THE WORST! Have you heard about internet in Eritrea? How about Somalia? The last time I watched a documentary about Eritrea, it had the worst internet censorship ever. Not to mention that few people even had access to the internet. Most of the countries in Africa still have a hard time providing the basic utilities like clean water and electricity. The infrastructure is terrible. The politicians sit on their big fat asses and steal as much money as they can while doing nothing for the people.

Have you seen pictures of hungry malnourished children from Africa? Why do these pictures exist? Does an average American even know what kwashiakor is? NO!

The continent of Africa continues to receive donations from the US and several European nations, yet they seem to be stuck in the same old place for the last two decades. WHY? Shouldn't any country receiving massive foreign aid have some sort of improvements somewhere? Where are the improvements? Have the standards of living for the average person improved? NO! The only things that have improved are corruption, censorship and dictatorship!

Look at Zimbabwe right now. Last time I checked the news, millions of people were fleeing to South Africa.

The entire Northern Africa is one massive shithole. How long have we been seeing news of African migrants for? If countries in Northern Africa were so damn beautiful, why would thousands of people be fleeing to Europe?

Asia is one massive shithole. There aren't many countries in Asia worth recommending. Japan and South Korea are doing fine. The rest of the countries in Asia are just awful and terrible. You name the country, and I'll tell you why it sucks!

Europe is turning into a shithole. Look at France, Italy, Spain, Greece... I think the majority of deterioration occured within the past decade. Some countries in Europe have always been terrible. I mean, nobody from Albania's going to sing it's glories to you. But now, even countries that were ranked high have declined rapidly.

South America is another massive shithole. The entire South American continent isn't far off from Africa or Asia. Think of every problem you could face in Africa and just change the language - bam! That's South America in a nutshell.

Okay! I'm actually feeling better now. But not so much because..

I've been planning to get a new laptop for about a year now. I'm currently using a Lenovo netbook with an Intel Celeron N2830 and 2 Gigs of soldered RAM. I've discussed my netbook in my blog.

Now, a laptop that costs $600 in the US costs $800 in this shithole country. WHY? If all laptops come from China, and I live closer to China, why are laptops more expensive in this fucking shithole? I could buy a whole new laptop with $200 in the US. Well, sure, it would be a crappy chromebook or something. But it's still a laptop!

And I did a lil research and found that a lot of countries in Europe, and Australia, have to pay extra for electronic goods too! Why are these laptops priced differently in different countries? Now I could import a laptop but that would just cost extra. Plus there's a probability of late delivery due to the pandemic. This sucks! All countries should have to pay the same price. Why are laptops in the US cheaper?

So there's my rant. And that's why I hate this country. I don't have that kind of money to spend an extra 200 bucks on an already expensive $600 laptop. Now if I bought a $400 laptop, it would be a piece of trash. I don't want a piece of trash for $600.

I really really hate this country. And I hate capitalism. Where's the meteorite that was supposed to hit earth since Feb last year? Fucking scientists eh?

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Exposing The Trauma Of Arranged Indian Marriages

December 14, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

I never wanted to make this post.

I didn't want to talk about this event. I just wanted it to be over and done with. I wanted to move on. Like the next chapter.

But an arranged Indian marriage is a big fat encyclopedia of shock, misery, disaster, and trauma. And it ends in a suicide, divorce, murder, or a lifetime of misery.

I am this close to physical confrontation and hurting someone because of all the pent-up frustration and rage in me. And I need to let it all out somewhere before I do something that a lot of people would regret.

Let's start from the beginning. The bride and the groom's families were introduced to each other by a scumbag middleman late last year. At this time, I was unavailable due to my fixed schedule of service at the temple. And nobody told me anything except that the bride had met the groom and they liked each other.

But meeting someone for the first time and liking them doesn't mean hopping into a wedding ceremony blindfolded. If all the idiots involved had asked me, I would've told them that. I've been in a relationship when I was young. And the experience opened my naive eyes to a lot of issues that occur when two people from different backgrounds get together.

I believe it's important to get to know someone before you decide to marry them. And knowing someone takes time. Even with normal regular friendship, it's hard to judge someone's character without spending quality time together. The more time you spend around someone, the more you'll get to know them.

Marriage is not just friendship; it's not just a relationship; it's a lifetime commitment to spend the rest of your life with someone. And how can you make that decision based off on a few formal meetings with them? You have to get informal. You have to start poking and prodding the person. You have to ask questions and see what type of responses you get. You have to test their sincerity and honesty and commitment towards you. You have to form a bond.

Every person has their flaws. And an arranged Indian marriage doesn't give any room to expose those flaws until after the wedding. By then, it's too late to do anything.

You can't change a person. You can't alter their addictions and quirks. You can't give them a new personality. You can only learn who they truly are, at the core of their hearts, and try to connect with them.

It's one thing to lie to a stranger. It's one thing to lie to your teacher. Or your friends. Or your classmates. Maybe even your parents. But when you start lying to your spouse or significant other, that line crosses into an entire new realm. You don't want to do that. Especially not in an arranged marriage situation.

In this case, it was not only the groom who lied, but also his parents and family members. They knew he was a good-for-nothing scumbag and they still thought they could fix him up with a good wife. Enh - enh! That kind of shit doesn't happen around me!

I met the groom and his family after the lockdown. When was that? Somwhere in April or something? I'd have to check my journal. I must've mentioned something in that regard. And in that first meeting, I immediately disliked the man and his family. Nothing personal. I've got a good eye for character and this guy and his parents just seemed really shady to me. And I voiced my opinion immediately after that meeting. But no one listened to me.

Do you know what the bride's mother said to me? "He's just like you! He's just like you and he has a master's degree and has a good job! What else could we possibly want?"

Hold on right there! Like me?! He's just LIKE ME?! Are you out of your goddamn minds? How is this moron just like me? This goddamn son of a bitch is nothing like me! And that's exactly what I told her!

Do I need to describe myself for the entire universe to learn that this asshole is nothing like me?

And I warned them repeatedly, every single time. These folks didn't seem right to me. I told them if they wanted to go the arranged marriage route, let me look for a nice guy. I could've got them one of the devotees from the temple. Disciplined, very good behavior, very humble, followed the four regulative principles, God-fearing, God-loving, and overall a very good husband. What more did they want? Someone with a degree? Someone with a job? I could get them that!

You can't buy character and personality with just a degree and a high paying job. There is more to a relationship, ESPECIALLY A MARRIAGE, than just a dummy wih a degree and a job. Where will you get a good character from? Where will you buy a good personality from? Are you going to build it in him? Will you be his mother? Are you going to change a grown fvkcing man?!

You can't put a price on good character and personality. You can't buy it in the marketplace for a million bucks. You can't build a good husband.

There's 7 billion people out there. Each one of them has their own characteristics and personalities. When you go out there into the world to seek your life partner, you have to make sure they've got it in them when you go out there and get them. What're you going to do? Build a garage downstairs and hammer some honesty into him? Cut the drug addiction out of him with a knife? Chisel some integrity into him? Shove a bag full of love for you down his throat? Perform an enema to expel all the facebook and tinder thots from his life?

They should've trusted me when I told them I could get her a good man. I knew what I talking about. I know what a woman needs most in her life, especially when she's marrying some stranger dude she's only known for a short period of time.

But instead of listening to me, they turned against me and said I was a negative person! They said I was a pessimist who looked for dirt in every good prospective. And so I stopped interfering with their family affairs.

It's just been two weeks since the marriage and I've been hearing complaints every single day. What can do I now that the marriage is done? What use is it coming to me talking about how fvkced up the groom's family is? The signs were right there! In front of their big marble eyes! All year long. I saw them. I warned them. They didn't listen. What should I do now? Should I rent a warehouse, bring in the groom's family and begin stomping on their nuts? Should I take a knife and curve some memories into them? Huh? What should I do now?

Until the wedding day, old hags and dumb men were walking up to me and saying stuff like, "So when are you getting married? Aren't you getting old?" and "You're next! I know a good girl who would make a good wife for you!" EXCUSE ME?! I'll tell you who's next! Next in line to take this size 12 shoe up their wrinkly stinky asshole! And I'm going to shove it so deep inside, surgeons will have to split the entire torse open. I see all these idiots poking fun at me and I see they're mistaking me for some fvcking dumbass because I keep quiet and let their stupid comments slide.

One day, this whole thing is going to blow up in everyone's faces. And then I'll be walking around making remarks to their ugly faces. Maybe I'll wear a metal shoe and kick 'em right in their muffs and nuts if they retort.

The bride and groom were already quarreling before their marriage because she was working and he wanted to talk on the phone all day and night. It was a bad start. Anyone who can't understand that others have lives too and they can't spend all their time blabbering nonsense on the phone is simply too immature for a relationship.

The night before the wedding, the groom asked the bride if she wanted to hold the wedding off. Why? Because she was too busy that day and didn't answer his calls to waste several hours listening to him. Couldn't he wait just one day so they could get married and spend the rest of their lives talking to each other? I assume they would get tired of each other in a few weeks! From then on it would be one worded conversations once in a day!

The man had never been in a relationship before. Right from the start, that's just a bad sign. Why? Because what kind of person hasn't had a relationship until their late 20's?! I'm not asking the man to have a dozen relationships and sleep with three dozen women by that age. But if he's still single and has never been liked by any woman, isn't that just a terrible sign?

He ain't religious. If he was religious like me, I'd understand if he said he's never even seen a woman before. But he's an atheist. He has all the bad habits I disapprove of, and he was still single?! What's going on? He had all the time to roam around, get into drugs, have a bunch of loser junkie pals like himself and couldn't get a woman? It just didn't look right to me, that's all I'm saying.

The late night phone calls caused several arguments. Once, he called the bride's father after midnight, demanding why she was not picking up his calls. She'd done a 12 hour shift and was sleeping. And he, well, what can I say about him?

I don't have a single word of praise for this man. It's very unfortunate that I've had to hear all these stories and control my rage.

I never gave him my phone number. Didn't even try to befriend him. Anyone who knows me knows I can get quiet friendly with people, maybe even cross the limits of being friendly. But it just wasn't happening with this dude.

What kind of man asks his fiancee if she wants to call off the wedding the night before the wedding? It was a threat. A subtle threat. But a dangerous one.

This guy was wondering why I didn't want to talk to him. I just couldn't stand the sight of him. He represented everything I was up against. He's like evil personified, a demon straight from hell.

He lied about his activities. He lied about not doing drugs. He faked his smiles and laughs and was in it just long enough to impress everyone and get married. Now that they're living together as husband and wife, she's been calling to complain about his ill behavior. He's still living with his parents and they're always quarreling. He goes out every evening to hang out with his buffoon junkie pals and comes back late, leaving his scared wife alone with his asshole parents.

She found a box of cigarettes gifted by one of his pals. Why would anyone gift his cigarettes if he didn't smoke?

Arranged marriages everyone. What did I say? I knew this would be a disaster and had predicted it right from the first day. And I repeated it several times.

You know what the funny thing is? Up until yesterday they still didn't want to admit that I was right. They were stuck in their belief that everything was just fine.

Why are some people so scared to admit something is wrong or that they made a mistake and take appropriate measures to correct things? It's a typical Indian mentality if you ask me. When people fvkc up so bad, it's beyond repair, they just bury their heads in the sand and hope all the problems will go away. Except this time, I'm in their way. Up until now I haven't done anything. I have only voiced my thoughts. But a time will come when I will be forced into action. And things are going to get really ugly pretty fast.

I know someone who committed suicide due to arranged marriage problems. At the time, I wasn't really close to them and we didn't talk. I was also too far and a stranger to everyone involved to be able to do anything.

But I'm not a stranger here. It's just that very few people know who I really am, and what I'm capable of. Most people assume I'm just a quiet guy secluded from society who's really into religion and doesn't do anything else.

I'm just waiting for the right time to act. If I step in too early, everyone will say I overreacted. And I go in too late, well, it will be too late. Tick tock. Tick tock. The clock's ticking. And so am I. All I need to do is set my timer.

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Reviewing An Indian Wedding

December 05, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

The wedding's over.

It's been a hectic week.

I'm going to share some thoughts about Indian weddings in general.

I think at some point, Indian parents just want to rush into arranged marriages and get it over with. This usually happens when the parents from both sides have seen several prospects and been heavily disappointed. So they just wait for one match where both the boy and girl seem satisfied with one another and then rush them through it.

And what did I say about Indian marriages? Looks are always deceptive. This isn't a case of can be or may be. This is a case of IS and ARE. I can confirm it 100%.

If you start dating someone and notice some irregularities in their character, what would you do? Pause? Take a step back? Review the situation? Find some solutions maybe? Have a discussion? Take it slow? Proceed with caution?

That's not what happens in arranged Indian marriages. Once the boy and girl say they like each other, i.e. they like what they see, it's a full-speed rush to the vairious traditional ceremonies up to the wedding. It doesn't matter if one party lied to the other. It doesn't matter if the boy is a drunkard, an asshole, or a potential wife-beater. There's only one green light. Once you cross it, there's no turning back. There are no red lights, no warnings, nothing. The boy and girl must get married to each other. Failure to do so would tarnish the reputation of their respective families. Indians value nothing more than their family reputations.

I know someone who committed suicide due to a failed arranged Indian marriage. Once they got married, they started seeing the true colors of their spouse and their in-laws. But there was nothing they could do. There was no one they could turn to. Nowhere they could go.

Most Indians do not believe in the concept of divorce. Once you're married, that's it. You're stuck with the bag of trash until death.

The thing that bugs me most about arranged Indian marriages is the dishonesty before the wedding. When people lie about who they really are, it's a terrible sign that the marriage will most definitely fail. Indians like bragging and showing off - something that I really hate. Maybe it's okay to brag if it's all true. But if you're just going to sit there and brag about how rich and wealthy you are, when in reality you're a destitute creep, that's just plain wrong.

I've always preferred to keep things simple, live simply and never brag about myself. It is in stark contrast to most of the Indians I've met. When dealing with people in general, never reveal your full potential. It's okay if people underestimate you. There will be no harm done other than a bruise to your ego. But if people overestimate you, it raises their bar of expectations to more than what you can deliver. Do you want to be seen as a failure? Or do you want to be seen as an achiever? The distinction will lie in how big your mouth is vs how much you can walk the talk.

Everything that I said about Indians and arranged marriages was confirmed in this wedding. I was absolutely correct about every detail. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day...

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Diwali 2020 Review

November 17, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

3 days of Diwali just ended. Began on Saturday and ended yesterday. I lit up a bunch of candles every evening. It was kinda fun I suppose.

This year's Diwali is a sharp contrast to last year's, back when I used to go to the temple every single day, doing service every morning and leading special kirtana sessions in the evening. And I've always said it to the boys, "This is a once in a lifetime kirtana session! It happened once, it may never happen again!" Those words have rung so true in 2020. All I have is memories of all those wonderful kirtanas we had; all the various new tunes I sang and my record of doing service and playing mrdanga. There was none like me. But I think time flies pretty fast... and I don't think I left my mark. Or maybe I did and just don't know it.

2020 is like a rewind of 2018 but better in some ways. Like I get to work on my personal projects and do what I like. But I'm not going to the temple. I'm no longer in action. And it just feels sooo weird! I don't think I'll ever get over this feeling. Like I spent my entire life centered around the religious organization, and now that I moved out, it just doesn't feel normal.

I'm sorry. I'm just blabbering on and deviating from the topic.

Diwali 2020 - it was alright. Nothing to celebrate especially with all the pollution from the millions of stupid Indians polluting the air with their obnoxiously loud and stinky fireworks. There's going to be a price to pay for that. They don't know it yet, but when one of their own loved ones gets lung cancer or something, they're going to realize they contributed to that shiii. The air quality in New Dehli is just ridiculous at this point.

The Netherlands banned fireworks. I don't know if it will be implemented. But an intelligent move nonetheless.

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Diwali Sucks!

November 14, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

It's Saturday 14th November 2020, and it's Diwali.

Today is a terrible day for the global environment as all the idiots will light up fireworks to pollute the air.

And yes, it is a global disaster because Indians are everywhere. You could go to the crappiest country on the other end of the world and still find some Indians.

If I was a world leader, I'd make a law that anyone found lighting fireworks on this day would get their pinkie chopped off.

Repeat offenders would be dealt with next year. I prefer the death penalty. Unfortunately some people would call that extreme. An alternative is chopping off their nuts.

Check out the air quality index in India. It's already on the extreme end. I may not kill people, but mother nature will definitely weed out the pesty humans polluting the environment.

Yet another reason for me to dislike Indians. If you're an Indian who lit fireworks on this day, stay far away from me for your own safety.

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Exposing Indians - Part IV

November 09, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

An arranged Indian marriage is nothing short of a business deal.

Here's how the tranaction occurs:

  1. In the first meeting, the boy and the girl's families meet. The boy and girl get to see each other and talk briefly. This meeting is the finaliser. If the boy and girl like each other, the transaction proceeds.

  2. In the second meeting, the boy's family makes demands. The demands include x amount of gold (usually given in jewellery items), a certain amount of cash, clothes for the groom's family members and various other items when the bride moves to the groom's house such as a bed, refrigerator, washing machine, TV and so on.

I never quite understood why the bride's father has to give away a portion of his wealth while the groom's father gives out nothing significant in exchange.

In African culture, it's the groom who has to pay the dowry whereas in the senseless Indian culture, the bride has to pay the dowry.

  1. If the demands are met, the engagement happens next, followed by a bunch of annoying traditional events that waste everybody's time.

  2. After the wedding, which is usually a long and strenous mind-numbing event (again, hosted by the bride's family,) the bride moves in with the groom.

Now here's the catch: When the bride is pregnant, she moves back in with her family until she delivers the baby.

I haven't quite figured out all the specifics of a typical Indian wedding. But I'll get there. And the posts will keep coming.

I've always disliked Indian weddings. I've only attended one in my lifetime and I can hardly remember the details of that; except that it was awful and boring and really annoying and a huge inconvenience too!

Does anyone want to know why Indian marriages are so miserable? The answer's right above.

It's a business deal. An unfair transaction favorable to one party only.

Do people understand why Indians prefer having sons than daughters now? Yeah, if you have a daughter, she's likely to be a burden more than anything due to the costs incurred during the marriage transaction. Whereas, if you have a son, profit! Simply having a son is considered an investment, no matter how stupid and useless he is.

No wonder Indian women are so bitter with their husbands!

If I were to get married, there would be no business deal or transaction. I believe in love. I'd marry the girl I fell in love with. There would be no dowry exchange no matter what the customs and traditions were. There would definitely not be many guests invited, especially family! It'd be simple and short, preferrably in a church. There would be no ridiculous expenditure. And I would really like the families from both ends to stay the fug out of our lives; like really, stay gone.

Will I ever get married? If I meet the right woman and fall in love? Maybe. Does the right woman exist? Not for me.

There's a part of me that's grown to hate these stupid traditions and culture, and the people who advocate them. The hatred is intense. And it's not based on racism. It's based on personal experience, logic and hard facts.

Here's a hard fact: Indians marry people from their own castes. They will not even step outside their caste to marry someone else, let alone a different race. And you know why? Because they think they're better than everyone else. They think everyone else is uncultured and dirty and smelly and filthy and disgusting. But they (even those who live in places without a proper toilet) think they're above and better than everyone else.

I got to experience this firsthand. My own family is very racist. My mother didn't even approve of me being friends with people of different skin colors and religions.

Before the bride and groom ever met, I had already offered to show them a couple of good guys that I knew. My offer was disregarded based on the fact that those guys were not of the same caste.

This is the problem with Indians. They'll kick a perfectly good opportunity away based on their stupid beliefs and traditions.

What more can I say?

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