Launching Testing Phase

October 14, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

I just gave someone a phone with Krsnah Mobile OS v4.3 installed.

I do hope it'll entice them to use the bloat-free OS so I can install it for them on their own phone.

I ran into two problems though:

  1. Aurora Store isn't working. Tried reinstalling and everything else. It won't log in.

  2. Newpipe isn't working. I can't load or play any videos. It keeps throwing some error.

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October 13, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

This post isn't about me. It's about someone I know. And I need to get this off my chest right now.

I'm so fvcking p!ssed! Lord help me! The anger is consuming my mind.

Writing is therapeutic for me. I need to think with a cool head.

Let's start with some background. I know someone. Let's give this someone an identity. Female, acquaintance. Okay.That should be fairly anonymous.

She got hacked by someone on Facebook a while back. And the hackers stole some of her pics and started blackmailing her.

She approached me, and I in turn, asked her to deactivate her Facebook and delete it later on. But, she had two Facebook accounts. So the hackers returned and took over her Facebook account. And now, she can't log in.

Facebook sent her emails about unauthorized access, but since she doesn't check her emails regularly, she never noticed what had happened. The hackers must have grabbed the account with some social engineering. They changed the email and the phone number.

She tried to log in later on, probably noticed that Facebook didn't recognize her phone number, and went on to create a new Facebook account. Never noticed a thing until I asked about it.

Now, this is a stupid fvkcing problem to have! BUT, it is a problem nonetheless.

There is no way to recover a hacked account without a connected email or phone number. Flagging and reporting hasn't worked. There is no email support to contact Facebook. Asking her Facebook friends to report the account may raise questions that she wouldn't want to answer.

That's the summary of the problem.

It's 2020. When did the celebrity leaks and fappening stuff happen? Somewhere in 2014? Dozens of female celebrities have been hacked. And just recently, I read about some male celebrity getting hacked. What was his name? I don't remember. But a quick search reveals that male celebrities have been hacked since 2014 as well.

I don't know what else to say. It hurts more when someone you know gets hacked and has to deal with all this crap. And there isn't much I can do to help.

I feel like I have a sense of duty to help people, especially when I know them. When I find myself in a helpless situation, it really consumes my mind. I get stressed out and can't focus on my work anymore.

Now I'm sad.

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I Hate Capitalism

October 02, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

Wasted another day trying to set up a new blog. login showed me a couple of blog software and I thought I'd test them out to see if any of them work better than this.

The end product ended up looking like a text file. Plus I had an argument with login about money and capitalism and wasting my time.

I hate money. I hate Capitalism. And I hate other people wasting my time. If I want to waste time, I'll do it myself. I don't want others doing it for me.

login invented tcoins. And they suck. They suck because login made them suck. login likes to ask for tcoins when we're handling important business. That just gets in the way of getting things done. I'm not a stingy person. I'm not selfish. I'm not greedy. I don't care about money. I've seen firsthand what money does to people. I'd happily give away all my tcoins for nothing.

Money makes people puffed up. It boosts their ego. People begin to estimate their self worth in terms of money. That's a terrible thing. Just because you have money doesn't mean you'll be happy. I've seen many sad rich folks. Their lives suck.

Capitalism has ruined the world. I hate seeing people look at everything in terms of money. Want to talk to them? Take an appointment and pay some money. Wanna have sex? Pay up buoy! Want to get a job done? Payment upfront thank you.

Does mother nature charge people for providing the land, fruits, vegetables, herbs, trees, oxygen, sunshine, light, water, fire? Yet look at people. Man is selling bottles of oxygen, bottles of water, weighing up fruits and vegetables and selling them, dividing land and selling it, producing electricity and selling it... You name it - they'll sell it.

What if the earth decided everyone had to pay to walk on it, sit on it, sleep on it and build a house on it? What if the sun asked people to start paying for the daylight? What if the trees started asking people to pay for their fruits and shade? What if a man was dying of thirst and the river said, "No no no! You better pay me before you drink my water!"

God created the universe and made it self sufficient. Nature provides everything everyone needs. Man decided to lord it over nature and start making money off of it. And what's that money worth? Absolutely nothing! Since man decided he was so smart, he decided to make his own life difficult. Now man has to go to school and study irrelevant nonsense for the first 25 years of their lives, incur debt and spend the next 25 years paying it off. All while buying a house, getting married, settling down, having kids and then raising them to be the next generation of corporate capitalist slaves.

Does one really need an education? Does one need to get a degree in order to make a living? Does one need a PhD to put food on the table? Does one need to sit in a cubicle lying to people and conning them for 12 hours a day? Does one need a million dollar car? Does one need designer suits and jackets and shoes by a brand named "supreme"? Does one need a table full of makeup to look beautiful? Does one need award shows, prizes and medals? NO.

But man has decided to create an artificial need to justify all these things.

The Africans were doing just fine without Christianity and capitalism. They lived in harmony with nature until the missionaries and white settlers popped in. What did they get out of it? A continent that's become the garbage dump of the rest of the world, drained of all minerals and resources, plus hunger, poverty, slums, corruption and crime.

The Indians were doing just fine without the colonials. They were living pious, peaceful lives. Look at the state of India now. Have you walked down the streets of New Dehli? Have you breathed in the wonderful air filled with pollutants? Have you look at the state of the river Ganges? Have you picked up the newspaper to check the daily stats of rape cases in the nation?

India used to be the holy land. It was the land of the pious people, named after a great king - Bharata. Have you looked at the people now? Do they look pious to you? Is that what pious people do? Rape women, pollute the environment, and normalize corruption?

The Americans think they're doing other countries a favor by invading them. Look at the list of countries that America invaded and show me one which looks better than it did before the invasion.

This is the power of modern civilization. This is what modern education is all about. This is what capitalism and money does to people.

There was a time when education was free. It was passed down from one generation to the next. But even that was monetized. So you have one set of people who can get all the education they want, and another group of illiterate folks who couldn't afford to pay for education in a 1000 years. How much does a degree cost these days? How much does one earn after getting that degree? How many years does it take to recover the amount paid for that degree? Have you seen the degrees people get these days? A degree in gender studies. How is that useful in the real world? How does a degree in gender studies make you a productive member of the society? You know what - don't even answer that. I don't want to hear the crap they feed you. You can just look up "useless university degrees" online and you'll find dozens of people talking abut degrees which are worth as much as a dog's crap. You know there was some jackass sitting in an office somewhere in the campus, thinking, "Hmm, how can we make more money from these idiots? What degrees can we invent to make more money? What courses can we sell to these dumb morons and make more money?" Then some other jackass walked in and announced, "I've got an idea! Let's create a new course titled chef studies!" Then the first one replied, "Noooo! You know what would be great? We could have a culinary degree!" Why learn to cook at home from your mother or peers when you could get into college debt paying for a culinary arts degree? It sounds fancy that way, doesn't it? Oh! So posh! All your peers are going to be so jealous of you! While they go home and make dinner, you'll be making dinner art. And working for a restaurant where everyone cooks better than you because they spent more time in the kitchen and less time sitting around in fancy college classrooms paying for some culinary arts degree.

And that's the theme with every other degree. You could learn a lot of stuff by yourself. But then the education cesspools would be losing money so they have all these advertising pitches lined up for you. And you fall for that crap because you're a modern civilized idiot. You've been brainwashed by the government, media and schools to think in one direction - towards money. Money is the bait. And they use it to enslave your soul, your mind, thoughts, intelligence, your family, your wife and kids. They own you. They've taught you to be meek and sensitive and turned you into a softie. And then they turned you around, bent you over and did you dirty, you stupid moron! Wake up! Think out of the box. Stop believing everything they tell you and start thinking for yourself. You've got a big brain in that thick skull. Put it to some good use. Save yourself, at the very least.

People are selling water now, for Christ's sake! Could you imagine what someone from a century ago would say? Factories and people are polluting the rivers, so the water is too dirty and dangerous to drink. Then they pay for bottled water which comes from another factory that cleanses the mess that the first factories did. Does anyone else see how ridiculous this all is?

Sometimes I wonder, am I the smartest one around here, who sees through all the crap? Or am I just too dumb?

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Answering Your Million Dollar Question

September 23, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

I've been on the internet for over a decade now. I was very careful from the beginning about revealing my personal information online. I think I created my first facebook account with a nickname that people used to call me at school. At the time, of course, I was still young and very active offline. I would occasionally pop into the cyber cafe to check my facebook account and that was it. Facebook just didn't seem to be the right place for me at the time. So I ended up deleting my account.

Shortly thereafter, I created a new Facebook account. I also created a Twitter account, Tumblr account and MySpace account. That too with a pseudonym. Didn't last for very long either.

Over the years I created new accounts with various pseudonyms and deleted old ones. I don't think I was ever quite active on any social media platform, with the exception of one platform on which I hang out quite frequently until it was shut down. That reflects to this day, when I finally created my account on social networks worth using (shoutout to the fediverse), and I still don't post on them.

Privacy on the internet has always been a big thing for me, even before I knew about corporate surveillance and government surveillance. I never felt the need to put my personal information out there. I believe I made the right choice until now.

So what's changed? I think I've grown too old now to care about privacy anymore. I've reached a point in life where I've realized that I could die at any moment, and I haven't left my mark on the internet. I've never kept it real real. I've never shared anything about my personal life. And I thought it was time to leave my personal mark on the internet. Besides, when I really think about it, I don't think anyone's capable of using the information I've revealed to hurt me. Except the Indian government, Indian folks, and the religious organization that I grew up in. I'll explain that in a minute.

Now that there's a pandemic raging across the globe, it's high time I posted dozens of blog posts and articles filled with my thoughts, views, opinions and experiences throughout my lifetime. This is my autobiography. When I need a break, I can go hang out on IRC or Matrix and have some fun. And I've mentioned this on IRC, when I'm on IRC, I don't always serious-post. The interaction is almost life-like and if the only things I talk about are going to be serious, there'd be a lot of awkward silence in the room.

I finally have a username that contains my name. The first place I logged into was Matrix. I said "Hare Krsna" like I always do. And a barrage of "poo in the loo" and "stinky smelly Indian" insults came my way. I was overwhelmed. Memories of my childhood flashed back. So this what the real internet looks like. If you keep it real, others will also keep it real with you. And the reality is, people are racist. It's their nature to be racist. A lot of people like to pretend they're not racist, but tell them you're an Indian and watch them slowly back off.

I grew up in a religious organization where everyone got named after famous personalities mentioned in the scriptures. Even white people got names like Jahnavi, Tulasi, Balarama and Krsna. So if someone was named Balarama, you couldn't automatically assume he was an Indian. That would be a mistake. And of course after initiation, it's mandatory to get names from the scriptures. So you had Balarama Das, Sankarsana Das, Tulasi Devi Dasi, Jahnavi Devi Dasi etc. Do the people on the internet know this fact? Nope! They're just your typical regular ignorant arrogant racists who wouldn't have the balls to insult you in person.

So while the other members of the religious organization may be very humble and tolerant to all the racist comments and insults, I'm not. If you throw a racist comment at me, I am very capable of firing back. And unlike some of the religious folks out there, I'm well-conversant and informed about things going on around the world. And that surprises a lot of people. "Oh you're so religious! How could you say stuff like that?" I'm religious, not a dumbass. Know the distinction. Just because I'm religious doesn't mean I'll let you walk all over me. I speak straight facts - no bs! I don't play around with diplomacy and similar nonsense.

Am I giving my religion a bad name? No I'm not! They've already given themselves quite an impressionable image if you care to google it yourself. Don't use google. Use Qwant. Or Searx. Google sucks!

Now, back to the million dollar question. Am I an Indian? Short answer - Yes. Long answer - Well, I am of Indian descent. That means my ancestors were Indians, born in India, raised in India etc. And then, someone in the lineage decided that India sucked. So they moved to another continent. Later on, I was born. And then I grew up. And I visited India a couple of times.

But there's a specific rule that applies to Asians in general, that does not apply to other races. If you come from an Asian family, it doesn't matter where you were born, where you grew up, or where you live - you will always be an Asian! The Brits moved to America, and renounced their motherland, their accent and their heritage! Italians, on the other hand, moved to New York and became known as Americans. Africans were transported to America in ships and were labeled Blacks. Racism! Raciiiiism!

So yes, I am an Indian. And I am a yellow boy, as my English teacher used to call me. Yellow's different from brown. Most of the ignorant dumb people on the internet think Indians are brown. Well, some of them are! But not all of them. There are pale (whitish) Indians, there are yellow Indians, there are brown Indians, and there are black Indians. Know your colors folks. Then of course there's the Native Americans in the US. I wonder why they're called Indians. Hmm.

An interesting observation that I've made over the years is that there's a group of Indians who don't like to be called Indians. Now why is that? They could be living in India, or outside India, it doesn't really matter. But if you asked them if they were Indians, they would deny it vehemently. They'll say they're British or Americans and that's what they're sticking with. Ask them, "Hey! Are you an Indian?" "Ah Ah! No no no! I'm British!" "But you look Indian." "I said I'm British! How many times do I have to tell you I'm British? I'm blocking you!" "Fine. Whatever man." Blocked!

No other race on the planet is ashamed of who they are. The Jews are proud of their Jewish heritage. Any African man you meet will thump his chest and tell you with pride, "Eeeh man! I am from Africa eh! I am proud of our country oh! I love Africa! Do you love Africa? Say you love Africa oh!" You better do what the man says or you will get a beating. Asians hate each other. If you mix up between a Chinese and Japanese, you will be corrected instantly!

And I think I've understood why some Indians don't want to be recognized a Indians online. Have you ever come across one of those bob and vagene messages on social media? "Show bobs and vegene pls." It is hilarious to see so many thirsty Indian men online. But it's also embarrassing. These are the people who have induced some intelligent Indians to disown their heritage. "Are you an Indian?" "No I am not!" "But you look like an Indian." "I said I'm not! I'm British!" haha

What happened to India? I always used to think it was the land of the holy people. And that illusion was shattered on my first trip to India. I began to understand why so many Indians fled the country to go and live elsewhere. I understood why so many of them might have even volunteered to go to other continents and build railways and stuff.

It is posts like this that make me paranoid about the Indian government and Indian nationalists. "There is one of us out there who is talking trash about us! We must find him! And we will kill him!" Well in that case, I'm not an Indian. I'm going to identify myself as a Eurafrican and I'm sticking with that! So stay off my back! And if you think you'll extradite me or run a Jamal Khashoggi on me, well, a man's gotta die one way or the other. If I'm going out, I'll do it spewing straight facts!

If you really want to understand what India is all about, you have to travel there and explore the country. It is a beautiful country, with some really creepy and ugly men. And women. Prepare for everyone to keep staring at you incessantly, until you disappear from view. And there's a lot of pollution. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution and land pollution. And the rape cases. Jesus! I don't even wanna begin talking about that because I might pop a vein in my head from all the anger. I think the country could do a lot of good by enforcing mandatory hygienic standards. Still haven't figured out a solution for the millions of corrupt officers working for the government though. Perhaps the pandemic will help in that regard. I don't think the country will mourn the deaths of a few corrupt crooks and a bunch of evil tycoons sucking the lifeblood out of their country.

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Hugo Sucks

September 21, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

Yesterday I set up bashblog and I am very happy with it. Today, I decided to see if there's any other options. As it turns out, this server does have Hugo installed.

So I mentioned on #lounge that I needed help setting up Hugo, then decided to do some research myself. I found the official documentation and managed to create the necessary folders and install the theme that I wanted. Unfortunately, I couldn't get the site to run because the manual didn't mention that.

Why does the Hugo manual suck so bad? Who created the manual? I want to know who created the manual so I can tell them it sucks! It's a terrible awful documentation that leaves out so many important bits. How is a normal human being supposed to figure out "the rest of the stuff" on their own? That's not how it works. Everybody on planet earth is not a nerd.

If you create a software, and put all your time and energy on the features, if you fail to have a comprehensive manual, people may not like your software no matter how good it is. And in this particular, it's Hugo and it sucks!

I don't want to jump from page to page looking for commands. The basic commands are quite few and should all be put on one page.

When I finally figured out how to run Hugo, it did it's stuff and put the index page in the wrong place! How am I supposed to deal with that? Do the viewers of my unimportant site have to start guessing which url my blog lies in? GTFO here with that BS. Ain't nobody got time for dat! You know dis!

I'm angry. I'm angry because when you put so much hope in something and then it turns out to be a pile of crap, you'd get angry. Anybody would get angry.

I like to keep things simple. Let's not try to get too geeky and hacker-like with all the crap. Not everybody sits on their computers all day programming things and thinking up new sets of commands to make the lives of their users difficult. "Hmmm, let me see. What new commands could I add to this little software so that the users can spend 10 years trying to memorize the crap out of them?" By then, the software is already obsolete and there's a dozen new alternatives in the market, each with their own set of new commands to learn and memorize. Who in the hell's got the time to memorize all those commands?

Keep it simple software devs. If you can't write a decent manual, hire someone to do it for you. Don't think for one sec that the users will have to adjust to your software. Your software is there to fulfill the users' requirements. It's not the other way around. The users are not here to dance to the tunes of your software.

Why the eff do softwares have to be so complex anyway? Easy of use my buoy. If you think adding tons of features and attaching 1000 pages of manual will increase your userbase, you got it all wrong.

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The What's Next Complexity: Happiness and Satisfaction

September 21, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

Good morning.

I have a bunch of thoughts I need to jot down. Some of my best ideas to write come early in the morning and late at night. So these are the best times to write. Last night I actually had a topic I wanted to write on. But I was tired. My thoughts were jumbled, and I was feeling too excited to write comprehensively.

I'm typing this in my terminal. And I have no idea what the final output is going to look like. I hope it's readable.

Some of you have no idea who I am, what my background is, my history etc. I think I took out some time to put a meaningful introduction elsewhere on the internet.

I like writing. I like reading too. And my love for reading is what inspired me to take writing more seriously.

I don't like monetizing my passions. I believe if you love doing something, don't involve paychecks in it. That just takes away the fun in everything. Sooner or later, it'll start feeling like a job. And if it feels like a job, you aren't going to enjoy doing it. I am an anticapitalist. Wherever money's involved, it's hard to figure out if someone's doing something for the money or out of the goodness of their hearts.

It's so strange to see the world revolving around money. A few centuries ago, money didn't exist. But people still worked, and they were probably more trustworthy than they are today. Today, money buys everything; even trust, respect and love. Doesn't it feel so strange when you really think about it?

Anyway, I was thinking last night, how my wishes were actually being fulfilled. Every time I wished for something, I eventually got it a few years down the road. And although it was pretty exciting to get at first and I was very grateful for finally getting it, I got bored pretty quickly in a short while. Then I started wishing for something else. I wasn't satisfied. I wanted something more, something better, something different.

Without satisfaction, can one be truly happy? Back in 2014 and 2015, I was really interested in a variety of music. I bookmarked the songs and made playlists from them. And I'd share them online, acting like I was some dj. It's funny 'cause I didn't have the right platform to do that. Back then, it'd have been really cool if I had access to some radio broadcasting platform of some sort.

Well, I have it now. I joined tilderadio two days ago and spent a lot of time on air. But then what? I asked myself. What was I going to do next?

Human satisfaction is temporary. It only lasts for a few moments. And then you're back chasing after something else. So I was thinking, is this what life's all about? Are human beings constantly going to have desires, work hard to satisfy those desires, only get momentary satisfaction from fulfilling those desires, have more desires and get back to working hard to fulfil those desires? It's a never-ending cycle.

What's that saying? One man's ... is another man's ...? Okay. I looked that up. One man's trash is another man's treasure. Sounds quite fitting to me.

Yesterday evening, an acquaintance mentioned he was preparing to move to Estonia. He currently lives in France. And that got me thinking, I've never been to France. I believe France is a beautiful country? Well, partly, at least. Things are changing now. But there's still places in France that could be considered heavenly, or so I hope. Now, if I was living in France, wouldn't I be satisfied? I'd like to think I would. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe it's all a fantasy. Maybe I'm projecting my wishes on something that can't deliver.

Now that's just an example. Let's break it down. He lives in France. He's achieved all that he could possibly have wanted to achieve in France. Now he wants to move elsewhere. He wants a better life. So, there is a better life somewhere. But where? Where is that place that ones goes and settles down for life?

Someone living in Tunisia thinks if he could just cross the Mediterranean Sea and move to Italy, he'll be in heaven. Meanwhile, someone in Italy's thinking if they could move to Norway, life would be just perfect. And a resident in Norway might be thinking that a trip to Bali or Rio would be wonderful change. I'm sitting here thinking, if I could move to Tunisia, Italy, Norway, or Bali, it would be provide a much-needed growth opportunity in life.

So that's the location aspect. No matter where we live on the planet, we'll always think that life is better somewhere else. But is that true? A quick survey in the destination location might shatter our enthusiasm.

Relationships. I'm single. When one is single, they tend to think about relationships and wishing they were in a wonderful loving relationship. Aren't relationships just so nice and lovely? You get to eat together, watch a movie together, sleep together and get intimate in all the possible places you could think off.

Ha! Now, let's ask the people in relationships. Are they truly happy? Are they satisfied? One man in a relationship probably thinks if he could get that girl with a big butt, he'll be satisfied. Meanwhile, one married woman's thinking, if she could get one of those dark, handsome guys, she'll be extremely satisfied. One girl in a relationship thinks if she could just get married to her long-term boyfriend, she'll live happily for the rest of her life. And another girl, who recently got married, finally realized that her husband isn't all that of a stud and now she wishes she'd never married him! These are all possible scenarios that've occurred somewhere.

Marriage and relationships sound amazing to single people. What most of them don't realize is that they're obsessed with the idea of an ideal relationship and marriage. The reality out there is quite different. Because people aren't perfect. People have flaws, they have vices, they have bad habits, they have irritating behavior and pet-peeves. I have no idea what a pet-peeve is. I looked it up a few times and I think it refers to someone's annoying behavior? But the word pet-peeve sounds completely unrelated to what it's supposed to mean.

I think people who fall in love for the first time or get into their first relationships are very naive. They have these "ideas" in their heads about what love is and what relationships are supposed to be like. The reality is quite different. Have you ever noticed that anyone who's been in a relationship before is usually very skeptical and careful the next time? Yeah. When that first relationship turns out to be a disaster, it teaches them something about life and human beings. The whole process is akin to watching an innocent naive angel walk through a door, and come out "schooled" and "educated". They saying things like "I'm never going to fall in love again!" and "I'm never going to fall for that crap again" and "This kind of stuff will never happen to me again."

And then it happens. People meet someone new, fall in love all over again, and go through another series of twists and turns in a muddy relationship. The process is repeated as many times as necessary and every time we promise ourselves we'll never be fooled again but that only lasts for a short while.

I think people are never happy in marriage and relationships because what they seek isn't there to begin with. We're all seeking love and happiness but it's a selfish self-centered thought-process. What people think is love is actually temporary bewilderment of their intelligence and illusion in their hearts.

If you want love and happiness, seek it within you. Don't look for it in someone else. The entire process of what people think of as love is an illusion. And that's why people are so miserable. Love is selfless. Love is pure. Love is above personal needs and wants. If you love someone only because they provide you with something, that's business. That's not love. You're engaged in an effective business deal.

If you think, "I want a man who's rich. I want a man who's handsome. I want a man who's honest. I want a man who's loyal." Those are your business requirements. So let's say you get a man who appears to be rich, handsome, loyal and honest. You "fall in love" and get married. And then he cheats on you. Or lies to you. Or he goes bankrupt. It could be anything. What do you do? You flip out. "Oh my God! You liar! You cheater! You stupid son of a biii! How could you do this to me?"

You'd set your expectations right from the get-go. You knew what you wanted. You didn't get it so you became upset. That right there, is called a business loss. If you keep losing, you'll get divorced.

Real love and happiness is within oneself. One need not seek love and happiness in another human being. I think the same principle applies to material things. We have so many desires and keep thinking if we get what we wished for, we'd be happy. But that happiness lasts momentarily. Then we seek for something else.

There is no happiness in this world. Unless one is satisfied, there is no question of happiness. And is anyone really satisfied in this world? We're all chasing after something. A lot of people are working hard day and night, chasing after money. But even when they get their money, does it give them the satisfaction they'd hoped for? No. And so they resume working harder in hopes of making more money. But that won't make them happy either.

Jeff Bezos is making billions in a year. But is he satisfied? No. He isn't satisfied with the amount of money he has; that's why he's still running Amazon and making more money. And if he isn't satisfied, how can he be happy? None of us are happy in this world. It's not just Bezos.

I think the best one can do is to be content with what they have, control their mind and senses, and stop trying to fulfill their endless desires.

Anyway, I think I lost track of my train of thoughts somewhere and got carried away. If I think of a better conclusion, it will be posted in another entry.

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Hare Krsna

September 20, 2020 — isvarahparamahkrsnah

xfnw helped me set this up. Thanks xfnw

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