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Who am I?

  1. I am an activist. An activist that leads by example. An activist that does what he says.
  2. I am an anti-capitalist. The world runs on money. Unfortunately, money has made people so greedy, they're willing to sacrifice anyone and anything to make a few bucks off of it.
  3. I am an anarchist. The modern governments are cesspools of greed and corruption. Modern politicians are incompetent morons that lack any morals, virtues or leadership skills.
  4. I am a privacy advocate. Online and offline, over the years, privacy has become the topmost priority in my life.
  5. I support freedom of speech. I hate censorship.
  6. I support animal rights. All animals have a right to live and prosper unless they pose an active threat to human life.
  7. I am a vegetarian. I support a plant based diet.
  8. I support Free and Open Source Software.
  9. I support open, decentralized and federated services that should be available to all.
  10. I am anti-nationalist.
  11. I am an anti-fascist.
  12. I am anti-racist.
  13. I support environmental protection. My main propositions for environment protection are:-
    • Ban all fireworks
    • Reduce the consumer load on the electric grid by removing all unnecessary lighting in metropolitan areas
    • Ban mining
    • Ban logging
    • Ban disposal of waste in rivers, lakes, and the oceans

Places that I post infrequently:

  1. Hubzilla

  2. Lemmy
  3. Tildes

  4. Matrix/IRC

  5. Blog
  6. Journal
  7. The LibreKrsnah Brand
  8. Blog

  9. Institute Gopher gopher://

  11. Oddware

Places that I don't post:

  1. Diaspora
  2. Friendica
  3. SocialHome

  4. Pleroma
  5. Gnu Social
  6. Mastodon
  7. Misskey

  8. Pixelfed
  9. Funkwhale
  10. Peertube

  11. Blog
  12. Notes


  1. Friendica

  2. Pleroma
  3. Gnu Social
  4. Gnu Social
  5. Mastodon
  6. Misskey

  7. Pixelfed
  8. Peertube

  9. Matrix/IRC

  10. Blog
  11. Blog

Dead Sites:

  1. Diaspora
  2. Friendica
  3. Misskey
  4. Lemmy
  5. Misskey
  6. Scuttlebutt @MQtxamNAFmZgIxbHK9mXnrrkmoa92yRBbi8aVuwO 62c=.ed25519
  7. Keybase
  9. The Lounge http://qgk2cgbprzkohxpkrqkugzjvyb5qcuc7fltncfltelcxs6clsayvqeqd.onion
  10. Peertube

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