Setting The Standards

Hare Krsna!

It's a new month. I'd like to start it off with a new schedule. That's right. I had planned an old schedule starting September finishing through the year, but it was messed up. Perhaps I had very high expectations. Perhaps I wasn't austere enough to keep up with the schedule. Regardless, we're here now. I'm feeling much better. Let's go!

I've got two options for posting on this site. I've got a journal but it requires some html editing, which I don't feel like doing right now. I want the process to be as easy and simple as possible, otherwise I'll end up procrastinating and giving up.

So, login's blog site seems to work pretty nicely. With one caveat: The blog doesn't show sentences in a new line as I typed them in the editor. Hey login! Can you fix that?

Now, I started streaming on Tilderadio a few days ago. I had fun doing it. Someone suggested that I get a regular schedule so that those who enjoy my streams can tune in when I go live. Sounds like a great idea. So I got my schedule. And I'm going to go at it, and see how it works out.

Today, someone pointed out that I had too many slots on the dj schedule. And they're right. I do have three sessions planned for each day. And why is that? Well, there's just too many empty slots on the schedule right now. I've gone through the list of the dj's. A few have regular streams, while some have stopped for a while. There could be many valid reasons for that. I'm not here to criticize anyone.

What I'd like to point out, is that there is an opportunity here, that's going to waste. Someone just pointed out a short while ago, that they don't like the autodj music. And I agree. I've never listened to Tilderadio during an autodj stream. I only tune in when someone goes live. There's a special feeling when you're listening to music that has been curated by a person. And every person has a particular taste in music. When you listen to a song that someone recommends, there's an automatic connection, relating that person to that music. Again, you may like it, or you may hate it. But the connection is there. For a station like Tilderadio, I think variety is important. I think different music being played at different times of the day will enable everyone to tune in whenever they like someone's sets.

Back to the opportunity. I think tildeverse in general, offers a huge variety of services that should be taken advantage of, and used appropriately. If nobody uses the services, there's absolutely no point in hosting them. I talked to one of the admins a few days ago, and I asked him, how many people used the services regularly? And he said it was hard to tell, but there were few regular users and a large number of accounts which had never logged in again. I think that's a reality that a lot of web admins get to see.

It's not just the tildeverse, but the fediverse, and other niche social websites as well. A social network is only as valuable as it's core community. If there is no community, there's no point for the website to exist. And I've seen quite a number of websites shut down because of very few users. It was a waste of time, money and energy hosting everything on the internet, when there was absolutely no user interest in said services. And this ranges from email providers, social networks, software developers and hardware manufacturers. If you don't have a core user group to cater to, what's the use?

Someone may ask, why are there so many similar social networks? Why are there so many similar email providers? Why are there so many similar softwares that do the same thing? Variety is the spice of life. Even if one thing exists in multiple forms, it still serves a purpose. Just because we have 7 Billion people on the planet already, doesn't mean people are going to stop reproducing.

Monopoly exists in the market because there are no similar products. I don't want to see monopoly on the internet. Everybody's using Google and Facebook and Twitter and Skype and they all suck. When you give one company so much power over you, that they know you don't have any option but to continue to use their product, they will take unfair advantage of you. That's why Apple products are so expensive. That's why Facebook and Google can spy on you and get away with it. You need alternatives. You need other competitors in the market so that when one company acts like a jerk, you can switch over to the next one. Otherwise, you're screwed. Do you want to be screwed?

So I always encourage this - let more people develop software, let more people host emails and fediverse instances and so on. This is good for the end users. If one service goes down, you don't need to panic because you can continue using the backup. I read a saying - never put all your eggs in one basket.

If I were using Windows, I'd be restricted to what Microsoft's vision of product experience is. That includes spying on me, paying for various software and wasting several years of my life updating Windows. Now that I'm using Linux, I can do whatever I want. I can switch distros, I can get all the free software I want, and I don't have to worry about some corporate crooks spying on me. If I was using Facebook, Gmail, Twitter or any similar crap, I'd have to register my phone number and give away personal information to the company, involuntarily. So I switched to the Fediverse and there's dozens of good email providers out there.

Back to the Tildeverse. I noticed a lot of people never changed their default pages. Most of them may have checked gopher once or twice and given up entirely. It takes some learning to make things happen. You need to have the will to do what it takes. Of course, there are several hosts on the Tildeverse. But all of them share the same common theme - lack of regular users.

Privacy was never easy. You need to learn the basics. Ironically, privacy has never been simpler! You don't need to start programming like login and create scripts and softwares to make things work. Learn a few commands, get help from the numerous bright minds in the community, and get things rolling. The best thing about the Tildeverse is that there are so many genuine helpful people. All your questions will be answered. All your problems will be solved. No other community on the internet is as helpful.

There's a bunch of Tildeverse instances that shut down. I was doing some research and stumbled on a page with a list of a dozen dead communities. Why did they shut down? Could be a number of reasons. But if there was an active community with hardcore regular users, I can guarantee that some of them could have been saved. And there has been such cases! One of the admins I talked to told me about taking over operations from a previous admin. So it can be done. But there has to be an incentive to do it.

How would an admin feel if there were no users logging into their network? Put yourself in their shoes. It's not that difficult to understand. When I created the #lounge room, the first thing that crossed my mind was - how do I get more people in here? And it's a struggle. There are very few active people. If it gets too quiet, morale will drop quickly.

When I joined the tildeverse, there were very few user pages with content in them. So I updated my site and decided to put it to good use. Similarly, Tilderadio wasn't buzzing all day as you would expect. Most of the folks hang out during the evenings after work. On one weekend, everything was quiet. So I decided to hop on and see what I could do. Being a radio dj isn't difficult. You just need persistence to keep it going. I don't have any former experience being a dj. But I do have a good taste in a variety of music. And that's what I've got to offer. It's a nice hobby. I get to listen to nostalgic old hits as well as experience new vibes. And I love music. Who doesn't? I also grew up singing and playing musical instruments so it's something I've cherished from my childhood.

Anyway, I do hope to inspire others to become more active on Tildeverse. Chat on IRC, make your own blogs and gopherholes and share your thoughts with the rest of the world. Share your favorite music on Tilderadio. Who knows? Maybe you'll make new friends who share similar taste and have other common interests as well.

Thank you.

Shoutout to my friend login. I hope you don't mind being mentioned on my blog buddy. I didn't mention anyone else because I don't feel as acquainted to them yet. I hope that will change soon and they will all grow to love me. Yay!

What's next?

Now that my blog is set up, it's time to bring it to life. I enjoy writing articles more than posting short messages on the fediverse.

Phew! It's been a wild journey to this point. Took us 3 days to get this thing working. There's too many commands to set the blog up. But once it's running, it's easier to use than bashblog.

I want to thank my friends login, xfnw and hisacro for always hanging out with me on irc. Chatrooms are no fun unless you have someone to talk to. And these guys have been very interactive on irc.

I want to thank gbmor for his quick response in bailing me out when I was locked out of ssh.

I'd like to thank ben for giving me a chance to stream on tilderadio. I've received some positive feedback from the folks hanging out in #tilderadio.

Finally, I want to plug in the #lounge channel. That's where I usually hang out on irc. It is the coolest channel on the internet. Come and join us. Let's hang out, crack jokes, share our philosophies, learn new stuff and have fun.

I still haven't decided what kind of content will go here. I've got some ideas but I'm going to sleep over it.

Okay. That's it for now.

Everything now works like a charm

But is login spying on me?

Hey login! Stop spying on me buoy!

I'd like to thank login for setting this up for me. Thank you login!

And I'd like to thank xfnw for solving the browser error for me. Thanks xfnw!

Now can I customize this page any further? I'll have to ask login

4th try of Day 3

Why are my sentences showing up in one continuous line?

Let me see if skipping a line works. Or should I use a break tag?

Let me try skipping first.

3rd try of Day 3

Well, posting worked. But I got a 403 forbidden OpenBSD httpd Let's see if a new post works smoothly now.

2nd try of Day 3

login set this up for me does it work now?